Artist Name: Mustafa Supreme

Mustafa Supreme Drops New Single “Colors”—His First Release After Severing Ties with Murder Inc
Independent Hip Hop and R&B Artist, Mustafa Supreme, Charts His Own Course in the Industry with New Music a New Name and No Regrets.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida but born and raised in Brooklyn, singer/songwriter Mustafa Supreme creates sensuous R&B with lush production, merging acoustic guitars with chopped and screwed beats. He released several singles in 2016 (under the pseudonym, Sir Preme) with “Pain” receiving the most attention, including rave reviews from Irv Gotti during an interview on Ebro in the Morning (Hot 97). Today he is set to release his latest single, “Colors” much to the delight of his loyal fanbase. This young crooner captures love and pain with his own distinctive “street soul” vibe. With the release of “Colors”, Mustafa Supreme parlays the success of his previous records into his most ambitious project to date.

Born in arguably the greatest city in the world that breeds talent, 26- year-old singer/songwriter Mustafa formerly known as Sir Preme has emerged from the streets of New York with his own brand of street soul that musically blends the urgency of R&B with Hip Hop music. Reared on the slow jams of Tyrese, R. Kelly, Usher, Chris Brown as well as many other 90’s stand outs, Mustafa realized his talent at a very young age, serenading his female classmates but never took music seriously until 2016. Feeling left with no other career options, Mustafa started writing and recording professionally in September of 2016.

The first song Mustafa wrote and recorded is entitled “Pain”. This was the first 23 years of his life expressed through song in the Pain video. This song also received a sync license on the BET hit series “Tales” produced by Irv Gotti, as well as two other recordings that received placement on the series, “Hardway” and “You’re Mine”. Mustafa also flexed his full-bodied vocals on the heartbreak anthem “It’s Whatever”. The It’s Whatever video and the romantic slow jam “Ryda” are intended to soundtrack life’s lows and highs.

After his music began to gain traction, Mustafa and his team immediately put together a small promotional campaign which included performing from state to state, digital exposure and radio. Within 7 months of recording his first song, music labels started to take notice and request meetings. After meetings with multiple major labels Mustafa agreed on a long- term partnership with Murder Inc/300 Entertainment in 2017. Ultimately, the partnership was not a great fit so Mustafa requested a release so that he could explore other options independently.

“As an Independent Artist, I am excited about the infinite possibilities that are in front of me. I believe in myself, my music and my artistry and I have taken the reins regarding my career. With hard work, determination, and a commitment to excellence my success is imminent”, said Mustafa Supreme.

The “Colors” singer/songwriter is a force to be reckoned with—and he’s just getting warmed up! For more on Mustafa please visit his Instagram page mustafa.supreme/ or his YouTube Channel: Mustafa.Supreme. Check out his interview alongside Irv Gotti here>> His music is available via all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, Google Play & Tidal.

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Instagram Handle: @mustafa.supreme

His NEW music can be found in one place via this link:

>>Please note:

• Mustafa.Supreme is formerly known as Sir Preme/Sir Preme King
• The songs Pain, The Hardway, and You’re mine were all featured in the BET hit series “Tales”


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