Artist name : MAHOGGANY BLU

Hailing from the cityscape of Los Angeles, California, rapper Mahoggany Blu, began singing at the early age of 7 years-old and has continued to write and perform ever since. With relentless determination, Mahoggany has proven that her authenticity displayed in her early releases like “I Wanna Know” and “Always On My Mind”, and with her 2017 breakthrough single “Bran New”, she is destined to stand out from the crowd.

Mahoggany Blu is a multi-talented rapper-singer with hip-hop at the forefront, blending into an infectious and recognizable mix that fans of the genre can easily appreciate.
Mahoggany got her start in music while performing locally in Los Angeles, which was the start-up for hip-hop acts like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hustle, and many others throughout the notable LA hip-hop scene. Mahoggany’s signature sound is known for its bass-driving funk and soul flavor that pays homage to the “West Coast” vibes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and others that fans of the genre have come to know and love.

With a vast array of musical inspirations spanning mostly from the iconic 90’s hip-hop era, to the greats of today, some Mahoggany’s influences range from industry artist heavyweights like Tupac, Ghetto Boys, and UGK, among many others.

This year, Mahoggany Blu released her new single “Bands in the Bag ft Glasses Malone”. Currently, she is planning to embark on her tour, in support of the upcoming release.
While Mahoggany continues to manifest, compose, create, and prep for her upcoming release and tour schedule, be sure to connect with him on her official Social Media & Music Streaming platforms for News, Updates, Tour Dates, Music, Booking, Contact, and anything else Mahoggany Blu related.
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