Label name:Color Currency ent

Rap has literally become the thing to do today. It seems like every other day there’s a new guy on the scene with a million cult followers out of nowhere. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. But there’s always that one label/artist every decade that stands out amongst the crowd.

In the 90s we were privileged to experience those few artist on a much more frequent basis. Labels like Rap-A-Lot, Cash Money, No Limit, etc. became staples in the south. They are responsible for some of the biggest artist in the world today. If there’s no Lil Wayne, there’d likely be no Drake.

Fast forward nearly 2 decades and another premiere group of talented individuals has hit the scene. Hailing from Miami Dade County by way of South Miami, and South Miami Heights is CCE. Color Curren¢y Entertainment! CCE is spearheaded by Ceo, President, and artist Drive 1K (Born Eundrae Toomer) who is the oldest of 5 siblings. 1K grew up in a single parent home, raised by his mother and grandmother. Growing up in a disenfranchised community like South Miami yielded little to almost no options for Eundrae.

Not having a jump shot nor an interest in academics, he turned to the streets at a very young age. Finding himself opposite the judge on numerous occasions became a way of life for the young artist. But it was his children being born that would influence him to shift his energy from the stove, to the studio. Formally known as Mr. Hustle Holic, he would form what was then known as The Hustle Holics. A group comprised of longtime friend Pop, and his younger brother Al.

The group went on to release South Miami’s biggest anthem to date titled “Throwed off” which would gain the attention of Rick Ross who would later be featured on the remix. Shortly after the group would disband siting creative differences. After a brief hiatus, Mr. Hustle Holic was no more. Boasting a new monicker inspired by his name & his 5 kids (Drae + Five = Drive), he returned to music with a brand new sound, and a new album that would prove his ability to carry his own weight as a solo artist.

After the success of his critically acclaimed Resurrection album, CCE was born. Signing his younger brother, and former Hustle Holics group Member Al now known as A T.LYRICZ (South Miami), GUDDA ZO, (South Miami), FISHSTIXZ (South Miami Heights/Perrine), and SM$TUNT (South Miami). Each artist brings a distinctive sound, style and presence to the label making it the most diverse group in the south since the Hot Boyz. “It’s rare to find artists that all have top notch talent under one roof, with no egos. I believe the rappers we have on our roster can stand in the paint with anybody” say’s the CEO.

Though they are all different what ties them together is the brotherhood they’ve built, and the circumstance they’ve each been able to overcome after discovering their talents. Having the ability to musically paint pictures with their detailed storytelling, paired with unique vocal range gives CCE the edge over the competition. Color Currency Entertainment is on pace to make a major impact on the music scene with their debut single “Cut Da Roof Off.” A bonafide hit already climbing the charts in markets from Florida up to Georgia. A new album on the way, and solo projects set to follow suit. CCE may very well be the missing link to the souths diamond chain! Stay tuned, and don’t blink. You might miss something!


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